How To Increase Productivity During Diamond Core Drilling

How To Increase Productivity During Diamond Core Drilling

Diamond drill bit

Believe it or not, diamond core drilling is all about productivity. Drillers and companies are always in search of finding new ways to increase productivity. Sometimes, improving productivity requires the adoption of different techniques and methods whereas in other cases, it might just be a few tweaks and fixes. If you were to keep on striving and correct your mistakes along the way, your productivity is bound to improve. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss how to increase productivity during diamond core drilling.

Improving The Rate Of Penetration

When it comes to diamond drilling, one factor is the most important amongst others and that is the rate of penetration or ROP. If you manage to increase your ROP, you can get the most amount of work done with the least amount of effort. One of the best ways to improve your ROP is to find the best drilling parameters for the rock type and condition you are working on. Furthermore, select the right drill bits and crown configuration as well. You are destined to achieve the best Rate of Penetration if you were to use the right water circulation, Weight on Bit, and rotation speed.

Purchase Only High-Quality Equipment


Productivity is directly related and dependent on the quality of equipment used. You cannot expect to achieve the same results with average quality equipment as you would with high-quality equipment. If saving money by purchasing low-quality stuff is your idea, then it is better to discard it. The drill bits and cores will break more often and you will not achieve anything in return of a day’s hard work. If you are spending too much time on maintenance rather than productivity, then you seriously need to consider purchasing high-quality equipment.

Choose The Right Equipment

The right equipment for the right job is the key to improving productivity. Selecting the right core bit is one of the most influential factors when it comes to making the right equipment decision. You will need to consider hardness, abrasiveness, variability, and competency along with the type of drill rig to be used. Furthermore, other factors such as the core filter system, reaming shell, and core barrel will come into play as well.

Use Additive/Lubricants

Using additives or lubricants will help prolong the life of your drilling equipment. Not only will you be reducing the operational costs but also improving the performance. Furthermore, the wear and tear will be comparatively less, if you were not to use additives and lubricants. Additionally, lubricants and additives ensure that excessive corrosion and friction is prevented as well.

Final Word

As the article reaches its conclusion, we hope to have provided important tips related to increasing drilling productivity. The above-mentioned tips are simple and straightforward. Consider them before proceeding with your drilling tasks so that productivity is always optimum.